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Financial management for humanitarian and development professionals

What is FMD Pro?

FMD Pro for individuals

We provide NGO and social sector professionals the opportunity to improve their MEAL knowledge and skills.

FMD Pro for organizations

Would you like to conduct a MEAL DPro training for staff in your organization?

MEAL DPro Resources

MEAL DPro provides a certification-based, sector-wide standard for non-financial managers in the sector. MEAL DPro materials are freely available for learners and organizations to use in building their own skills.  Training providers may adapt these materials into their own training programs as long as they comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license.

The MEAL DPro Guide

The Guide is a resource that is intended to enhance the professionalism and standards of anyone working at a project level.

Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes Table gives an overview of the content in FMD Pro and what will be learnt through this certification.

MEAL DPro Starter

The MEAL DPro Starter is a toolbox of 13 lessons designed to give on-demand access to MEAL DPro tools to use during projects.

Self-led eLearning

Used alongside other MEAL DPro resources, the learner can access courses on a range of platforms:

Disaster Ready
Last Mile Learning

MEAL DPro online responsive e-learning courses are a resource for project teams to test and embed what they have learned about the fundamentals of MEAL.

Each module provides interactive content that works seamlessly on all devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones), providing customized lessons with learning logs and interactive blogs.

The MEAL DPro Certification???

The FMD Pro certification exam is available on-line via APMG International. The certification requires the candidate to successfully complete the FMD Pro certification examination.   The 85-question multiple-choice examination is taken on-line and requires test-takers to demonstrate that they know and understand the content of the Guide to the FMD Pro. The learning objectives for the FMD Pro examination are found in the Appendix of the guide.

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The initiative is led by the ???, whose members are responsible for the governance, management and maintenance of the FMD Pro standard and its products.  The FMD Pro initiative is made possible through the generous financial support of the organizations here below.

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