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What is FMD Pro?

FMD Pro for individuals

We provide NGO and social sector professionals the opportunity to improve their financial management knowledge and skills.


FMD Pro for organizations

Would you like to conduct an FMD Pro training for staff in your organization?


FMD Pro Resources

FMD Pro provides a certification-based, sector-wide standard for non-financial managers in the sector. FMD Pro materials are freely available for learners and organizations to use in building their own skills.  Training providers may adapt these materials into their own training programs as long as they comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license.

  • Guide to the FMD Pro

    Guide to the FMD Pro

    The Guide to the FMD Pro provides an introductory, independent exploration of Financial Management within the context of development and relief projects.

  • Learning Outcomes Table

    Learning Outcomes Table

    Learning outcomes describe what learners have achieved, and can reliably demonstrate upon completion of the FMD Pro certification.

  • FMD Pro Tool Videos

    FMD Pro Tool Videos

    Brief introductory videos explaining the tools introduced in the Guide to the FMD Pro. In April 2017, these videos will become the core of the FMD Pro Starter performance support site.

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Over the coming months we will be releasing new products and organizing training events in locations around the world.

The best way to stay informed is by subscribing to FMD Pro updates.  These updates will answer questions that include:

When are workshops taking place?

How to become a trainer?

What is the status of the FMD Pro examination?

When are new FMD Pro resources available?

Get help and stay connected for FMD Pro updates.


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About Us

FMD Pro Advisory Group

The initiative is led by the FMD Pro Advisory Group, whose members are responsible for the governance, management and maintenance of the FMD Pro standard and its products.  The Advisory Group is comprised of directors from LINGOs, InsideNGO, Mango and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

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FMD Pro Supporters Circle

The FMD Pro initiative is made possible through the generous financial support of these organizations:  Mango, LINGOs, InsideNGO, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, World Vision International, Catholic Relief Services, FHI360, Orange, Cornerstone on Demand Foundation, and Mercy Corps.

FMD Pro Working Group

The FMD Pro Working Group informs the scope, content and management of the initiative.  Participants come from a diversity of backgrounds, each contributing (and benefiting) in unique ways:


NGOs can inform the design, content and learning objectives of the standard created by FMD Pro.  Working in coordination with other NGOs on the Working Group provides a significant advantage over creating the content on their own.


Donors can increase the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of their investments, while improving the performance and compliance of their projects.

Training Organizations

Training organizations can expand the scope, quality and reach of their activities by supporting a new, standardized, scalable, certification-based training product.

Private Sector

Private-sector partners from the audit, accounting and banking sector can support the initiative by sharing intellectual capital and investing in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity that aligns with their core competency area.

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